JINN FENG's USB 3.0 Cable

JINN FENGUSB 3.0 cable Super-Speed USB 3.0 cable (Type A Male to Type Micro B Male) offers a durable and high quality connection that utilizes the full capability of the USB 3.0 standard.USB 3.0 Super-Speed is the next evolutionary phase of the Universal Serial Bus, undeniably the most successful and universal interface standard ever created. It offers speed 10 times faster than the 480Mbps limit of the USB 2.0 Specification. As computer hardware and peripherals continue to expand in capacity, speed, and portability and became increasingly powerful, the interfaces that connect and bind them must also advance in these areas. With the use of its full duplex

data flow,data can be simultaneously transmitted and received at the same time. The USB 3.0 A to Micro B cable is the answer to these needs.


  • PC & PC related peripherals
  • Personal devices
  • Handheld Data Collection Devices
  • Electronic Medical Instruments
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Industrial Automation
  • Data Transfer
  • Video Transfer
  • Data Acquisition
  • Or any product that needs capability of transferring data from point A to point B.


  Song / Picture 256 Flash USB Flash SD Movie USB Flash HD-Movie
Data Size 4MB 256MB 1GB 6GB 16GB 25GB
USB 3.0 0.01 seconds 0.8 seconds 3.3 seconds 20 seconds 53.3 seconds 70.2 seconds


Model Number TBD
Connector Type USB Type A male to Type A male
Data Transfer Rate

Up to 4.8 Gbps (10x faster the 480Mbps limit of the 2.0 Data Transfer Rate version)

Cable Length 0.6 meter
Connector A USB 3.0 A Male
Connector B USB 3.0 MICRO B Male
Color TBD (Can design according customer request)
Weight 38.00 grams / pc
Cable Jacket Type TBD (Can design according customer request)
Cable Shield Type TBD (Can design according customer request)

5) Construction

5.1 Typical USB Cable.

Below Figure is a USB 3.0 cable cross-section. There are three groups of wires: UTP signal pair, shielded differential Pair, and power and ground wires.

usb 3.0 cable

5.2 Typical Pin Definition.

a) USB 3.0 A TO A,

USB 3.0 A TO A Cable

b) USB 3.0 A TO B,

USB 3.0 A TO B

c) USB 3.0 A TO Micro USB B,

USB 3.0 A to Micro

5.3  Existing tooling in JINN FENG Plant

b) USB A;

a) USB B;

c) Micro USB B;

Micro USB B

6 Flow chart for reference only

USB 3.0 flow chat

USB 3.0 flow chat

USB 3.0 flow chat

USB 3.0 flow chat